Jam Jelly & Ketchup Processing Technician

    A Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician is responsible for processing fruits and vegetables to make jam, jelly and ketchup by receiving, checking raw material quality, sorting, pulping, pasteurizing, cooking, juice extracting, clarifying, filtering, sampling for quality analysis, cooling, packaging and storing.

    QP Code: FIC/Q0103

    NSQF Level: 4

    Entry Requirements: Preferably Class 8

    Age Limit: 18-35

    Course Duration (Total Hours)

    Theory Practical Additional Duration * Training Duration **
    90 150 40 280
    * Entrepreneurship and Softskills
    ** Training Duration (excluding Digital Literacy)

    Course Structure

    Qualifications Pack Course Curriculum

    Facilities: SScholarship Available, Free Lunch, Free Uniform