Mining - Safety Operator

    Safety Operator is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety. Safety Operator needs to be aware of applicable safety rules and situations arising in mines. Safety Operator needs to organize safety training sessions for new employees and refreshers & advanced training for existing workers on Safety Equipment and practices. Safety Officer is required to organize periodic meetings of Safety Council and involve in Safety Week initiatives. Safety Officer needs to act as Rescue/Emergency operator and also conduct mock rehearsal

    QP Code: MIN/Q0437

    NSQF Level: 4

    Entry Requirements: Class 10 passed

    Age Limit: 18-35

    Course Duration (Total Hours)

    Theory Practical Additional Duration * Training Duration **
    60 150 40 250
    * Entrepreneurship and Softskills
    ** Training Duration (excluding Digital Literacy)

    Course Structure

    Qualifications Pack Course Curriculum

    Facilities: SScholarship Available, Free Lunch, Free Uniform